Zlata has 11 years' experience as an architectural and interior designer. She founded her first architectural agency in Brussels in 2014 and launched a portal with more than a thousand ready-made interior design solutions. Today, Zlata creates timeless residential and commercial interiors, develops architectural concepts, and provides services of art direction.

"An architect by profession and having entrepreneurial soul, I believe in the ability of architecture, technology and design thinking to effect good in the world. I have been blessed with a wide variety of experiences and I believe they have helped shape me into a highly-skilled, thoughtful architectural designer. I believe deeply in replenishing the energy, love, and life with a fertile attitude towards everything I get involved with."



Kate has 13 years of experience as an architect and interior designer. Kate has been a university lecturer in Ukraine and possesses a Ph.D. in Architecture. She set up her first own agency 9 years ago and worked in 3D interior design industry.

"Our company has considerable experience in bespoke interior design. Having successfully completed complex projects with compressed schedules for many clients, Ohra Dtusio has developed accelerated techniques in architectural modelisation, scheduling, design document delivery, and furniture procurement.
We esteem values that combine sustainability, authenticity, respectful of the history and individuality of space."


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