EXCELSIOR 8 Office Building

Space planning and interior design development in Brussels for Workways.


Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: 2021

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Website development: Desirum

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 845,07 m2

The Excelsior 8 of 845.07 m² total area was the happy beginning of collaboration with a new co-working chain Workways. For the start we designed in the given space all the common areas – the general area, reception, coffee lounge, meeting rooms, and game rooms.

Our main task was to give a cozy homely atmosphere to this space of the coworking area. That is why in the design, we used such interior elements, which are usually can be seen in apartment. Here we have chosen soft and comfortable armchairs in a calm palette, comfy sofas, and shaded lamps. We also used many plants to create a comfortable home environment, and we’ve chosen stabilized plants to create a reception area.

The owner was so creative that he decided to make spatial places – game rooms for ping-pong and chess.  And some the meeting room were decorated according to their names – Tokyo room has a Japanese accents, Chalet – some country features, Oslo – some Scandinavian vibes.

Our preferred way of work in the design is to combine different styles, experiment with the colors, and consider the materials combinations. We believe that a person can be most productive and efficient in a comfortable environment, so we tried to give the space a cozy homely atmosphere.