The interior design of the kindergarten


Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: 2022

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 423,27 m2

Our little humans are the main source of joy on Earth, so we tried to put everything they’d enjoy in this playful kindergarten space. The pastel color palette was carefully chosen to reflect their endless energy and splendid vibe.
For this Kindergarten we have designed the general hall, canteen, swimming pool, children’s groups, staff rooms, and common areas.

The main idea was to develop a space where a child had the maximum comfort. To achieve this, we applied Montessori techniques in the design. For example, in all the main areas, we placed functional panels at the level of interaction with the child.

In decorating the walls and furniture elements, we preferred using many aspects of figures of animals. In the common areas, we have also thought of the portholes that, in addition to the play function, allow natural light to enter the spaces without it. One of the project’s motifs was also the use of arched forms – in doorways, furniture, and decor elements.

The color scheme was chosen calm, the accents were the use of turquoise and peach shades. In the play areas, the color is more active, in the children’s groups, it is muted.
We chose natural materials with which the child will be most comfortable interacting. We gave preference to the natural texture of wood. In the children’s groups, we used Marmoleum hardwearing flooring, which has high soundproofing.

Challenges: During the project, we were faced with the adaptation of the canteen and pool areas which are on the basement floor. In the canteen area, a lot of technical pipes go through and there is no natural light. We compensated for the lack of light by creating as many light surfaces as possible to make the light reflect.

We used decorative elements in the form of clouds and glowing balls, also painted white, to hide the pipes. In the swimming pool area, we had to ensure good acoustic insulation. To do this we also used decorative elements of clouds on the ceiling, which are made of sound-absorbing materials.

Paying maximum attention to the right choice of decor and color scheme, as well as taking into account all the physiological needs of the child, we were able to develop a kindergarten, which creates all the conditions for the harmonious development of the baby.