Interior design for a co-working space in Paris, France.


Where: France, Paris

When: 2022

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 518,4 m2

Co-working center Marne la Vallée is a multifunctional office space that occupies two floors and a total of 518,4 sq. m. of space. In this project, we developed the following zones: lobby with billiards area, bar area, lounge area with relax zone, and coffee lounge. Our main aim was to create a creative and bright design that would inspire productive and creative work.

We have to take care that the interior of the co-working room was comfortable and made the atmosphere of creativity and modernity. To do this, we thought about wall decoration, landscaping, hanging and floor, acoustic panels, installations, bookshelves, and art objects. We filled the space with sunlight using panoramic windows.

In creating the interior bar area, we were inspired by the French brasserie style . We have applied a variety of textures and density of drawings to give the co-working room an atmosphere of cosiness of a home office. Also we used furniture of different forms and styles: upholstered chairs, wicker chairs, bar stools. The bar itself is the main element of the co-working room, one part of the bar is made of concrete, while the other is decorated with wallpaper with natural motifs.

The colorists of the project are also affected by the overarching goal: to create a chamber-like atmosphere. We used deep, dense colors with bright accents and abundant greenery and wood.

Through a detailed design of decorative elements and a careful selection of color schemes, we have created a cozy co-working space for people who love a relaxed environment and collaborative work.