Interior design project for a co-working restaurant in Brussels, Belgium.



Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: 2022

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 404 m2

This project was developed with an area of 404 m2, which included the design of the general zone of the restaurant, the lounge zone, the bar area, and the more private areas.

Our main goal was to keep the future restaurant pristine, to create a light, airy space. To achieve this and make the interior unique, we decided to perform it at the junction of brutality and delicacy. In the project, we used concrete and introduced harsh decorative elements, such as a deliberately smudged mirror. The intricacy and tenderness of the space soft materials give us, forms of furniture, and lighting elements. A pastel color scheme was chosen for the project, with tones of blue and green.

During the development of interior design, we paid great attention to detail. An ornamental pattern has been introduced in the finishing of the floor, which resonates with the delicate pattern on the walls of the lounge area. To create coziness, we used many rattan items, with a small insertion of crank elements both in the furniture and for decoration.

The charm of the interior was given by the use of greenery in different areas of the space. Greens also supported the overall color scheme of the project and the use of nuanced shades. In addition, the boundary between the exterior and the interior was blurred by using a large project area and certain decorative elements.

Challenges: In designing the project, we faced the columns in the space, which made it look cold. But we paneled them with wood, adding coziness and warmth to the interior.