Modern and comfortable co-working center in Dublin


Where: Ireland, Dublin

When: 2021

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 853,9 m2

For the Tallaght project, we designed the future co-working center with a total area of 853.9 m². The design includes the reception, bar, cafeteria, two meeting rooms, two types of standard offices, two recreation areas, a corridor, and several toilets.

Our main goal was to create a comfortable but creative space, while we opted for natural, environmentally friendly materials without emitting any CO2. We created a stylish working space by combining several stylistic concepts, including elements of modern style, loft and eclectic.

In creating the project, we were inspired by the principles of eco-design.
For the finishing of the floor we used such materials as: concrete,  wood, sesal, for wall covering – wooden and acoustic panels, the furniture is also chosen from natural materials.
Eco-friendliness is also shown in the abundance of potted plants, jute carpets, rattan hangers.

This project is also distinguished by the use of a large number of custom-made furniture.  An exclusive design of the bar, reception, upholstered furniture in the cafeteria area was created.   The special attention is also attracted by the compositions on the ceiling in the reception area and in the bar area, which is a decorative curtain

Challenges: Because of the high ceilings, and a large open space, there was a problem with acoustics, which we solved by using special panels.  Due to the pitched roof and the large number of beams, there was a complex lighting system comprising different types of fixtures and spotlights.

Through improvisation and the successful combination of elements of different styles, we have managed to create an expressive interior of the co-working center.