Interior design for a co-working space in Brussels, Belgium.



Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: 2021

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 88,3 m2

It is an interior design project for a coworking space in Brussels. The area of 88,3 square meters includes a reception area and a dining area.

The main goal was to create an unusual, individual design of the common area of the co-working room. To achieve this, we combined natural materials and modern shapes.

A light environment enriched the space with colored accents in the form of coral color. We also used flowing, fluid lines to give a softness to the interior and a tranquil atmosphere to the space.

A distinctive feature of this project is the use of a large amount of custom-made wooden elements, which emphasize the individuality of this coworking space.