WORKWAYS Odette Restaurant

Interior design of a restaurant in a co-working space for Workways.


Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: 2021

Interior design: Spacefeeling

Website development: Desirum

Category: Сommercial interior design

Project area: 90,44 m2

The Workways coworking restaurant is 90,44 m² area designed in an eclectic style with mid-century elements.

Our objective was to create a relaxing, slightly intimate environment through its design so the restaurant’s guests could relax and disconnect from work as much as possible. To convey the appropriate atmosphere of comfort, we used dark, saturated colors and soft and cozy textures.

All the decor is also chosen in dark, deep shades.  To give the restaurant a comfortable atmosphere, we placed a fireplace in the center of the space, and also created a small area with books.

There is an abundance of comfortable nuanced light, no general lighting.  For the entrance lamp we chose an unusual shape in the form of a horse.

This is how we created an original design of the restaurant of the co-working space, in which the guests can spend their time in comfort.